We can provide any pudding you like but we specialize in making a range of extravagant looking deserts called Messy Moments (think Eton Mess with a "twist" - with or without alcohol).  Initially served as a decadent "mini mountain" of cream and meringue then served in individual portions.

Without alcohol:

  • Classic Eton mess
  • Peachy moments mess
  • Caribbean mess
  • Chocoholic mess
  • Banoffee mess
  • Sticky Bee mess
  • Tiramisu mess

With alcohol:

  • Chocolate orange mess (with Cointreau)
  • Tiramisu mess  (with Tia Maria)
  • Lemoncello mess (with Lemoncello)
  • Pina Colada mess (with Rum)
  • Peach melba mess (with Archers)
  • Mint chocolate mess (Crème de Menthe)